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A Short Visit to The Sundarban


Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. If you see the record, it is one of the beautiful world heritage by UNESCO. The Sundarban is the forest with 140000 ha. The largest part of Sundarban is in Bangladesh and another part is in India. It was separated after the war of Bangladesh at 1971. Basically they who are jungle lovers, Sundarban will be heart attracted beauty for them.

The Sundarban is located on the delta of Ganga river in India and Brahmaputra, Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengals. The Sundarbans Reserve Forest (SRF) is located in the south-west of Bangladesh between the river Baleswar in the East and the Harinbanga in the West. It is adjoining to the Bay of Bengal. Lying between latitude 21° 27′ 30″ and 22° 30′ 00″ North and longitude 89° 02′ 00″ and 90° 00′ 00″ East and with a total area of 10,000 km2, 60% of the property lies in Bangladesh and the rest in India. The land area, including exposed sandbars, occupies 414,259 ha (70%) with water bodies covering 187,413 ha (30%).

Sundarban is the only place where you will find The Roayal Bengal Tigers. The stipe of black and yellow will blow your mind. A vast number of deer will be showen here and there. You will be able to touch them. Even they will take food from your hand. It is a wonderful experience. You will also find a large number of monkeys. About 260 species of birds live here. There are also some animal which is threatened for people, as like as estuarine crocodile and the Indian python also Royal Bengal Tiger. There is a history of harming people which is occurred by them. Where is wild there must be happened these type of incidents. For that reason it’s risky to go deep in jungle. But therefore we can see and feel a full package of wild beauty.

There are also many trees which are rare and we can’t find them another place, like as Shundori, Keora, Golpata, Goran etcetera. There are a few number of people who provide their live from this mangrove forest. There are a large number of people near to Sundarban. They get food from the jungle. One kind of reign called “Mouyal”, they collect honey from the deep forest. They also make their home from Golpata, Shundori trees.
Sundarban saved us from many natural calamaties. There was a calamaties called “Sidar” which was came in 2008. Half of Bangladesh was to destroy but Sundarban forest saved us like a great wall. So, It is a warrior to us. We love them. But the condition is now very sensitive for us. Only 105 tiger is alive in the forest, and many species is vanished. We should be so much concern to serve them.

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