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Men’s T-Shirt Basics Tips

Many men seem to confuse the T-shirt with the undershirt, resulting in clothing disasters. Before we begin the article, it would be helpful for a lot of people to be reminded that an undershirt is just where it belongs- under your shirt. It is never supposed to be worn without a shirt. A T-shirt, however, is a lot more versatile, making it that one piece of clothing that everyone is familiar with, from the old school gentleman to the trendy college going guy.

That said, it should also be added that t-shirts come with their own dos and don'ts, something that many people tend to get all wrong. T-shirts are so great because almost everyone feels comfortable in them, and they can also be given twists and styles to impart a classic look to your outfit. Men's t-shirts make you a confident dresser while using that one piece of clothing to layer your outfits and create different looks.

Let's do a recap of the different types of t-shirts, to help you easily locate buy men's t-shirts online.

Crew neck: The most popular type of t-shirt around, the crew neck tee is recognised the round necks and is great to be worn on its own or as a layering piece. Men's round neck tees are probably what most men wear.

V-neck: A more trendy type of the tee, this one gives a more relaxed look to an outfit. A V-neck is great for men with broad or double chins as they show more neck and betters the appearance. However, one must remember not to extend the neckline beyond a couple of inches.

Y-neck: The fashionable big brother of the humble T-shirt, this one is inspired by the Henley and can be very versatile. The button-up section ending just below the chest gives you two options to style this tee- either as a crew neck with the buttons fastened, or like a V-neck with the buttons open. The Y-neck tee can be worn with a crew neck T-shirt underneath.

T-shirt styling tips:

How you want to style your T-shirt will depend on the person. You could use your T-shirt as a middle layer with a check shirt or a blazer. You could wear it just by itself, add some colour to your look with a bright tee, or just wear it with a simple pair of denims like you would on a normal day.

Here are some other things you could try with the good t-shirt:

A big trend now is having a statement piece. The best way to do this would be to wear a neutral coloured t-shirt and pair it with a bold check or striped shirt. Leave the shirt open, and dress up the outfit with anything, from grey denims to beige chinos. The statement piece would be the simple tee in the middle.

Adding a pop of colour to an outfit only got simpler with crew neck tees. You could do this by wearing a bright crew neck under a deep V-neck jumper, with stone wash or grey chinos as bottom wear.

Keep it simple by pairing a well-fitted t-shirt with denims or chinos. You wouldn't believe the effect fit has on your entire outfit. A good fit can make your attire shine, while a poorly fitting t-shirt can break it all.

Men's t-shirt styles can be different, innovative, or fashion forward, all depending on the wearer. Add a jacket, shirt, or blazer over it to make your outfit stand out from the rest.

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