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What are premium link generators, and how do they work

Premium link generators are web services that allow you to download files from many different file and video hosts. If you often download files from sites like RapidGator, Uploaded.net, etc then you are probably well aware of what a premium link generator is.

Also known as multihosters, these services work by giving you access to an account on their platform. You can then, in turn, use that to generate links from various file and video sharing websites. For instance, you could use it to generate Rapidgator links, which would otherwise be very difficult to download as a free user due to their numerous restrictions and speed slowdowns.

However, recently, multihoster services have made a lot of changes to their business model. Previously, they only provided the link generation service. And free link generators still provide only link generation service, albeit slow and ridden with malicious ads. However, the paid link generator sites now often include access to torrent downloads too. So if you wish to download torrents, you can use these multihosters to download torrents through them instead of having to download them on your own PC. This keeps your privacy intact, and you don't have to worry about seeders/leechers or maintaining a ratio, etc.

And if that isn't enough, most multihoster services now include a free of cost VPN service too. So instead of signing up and paying for another third party VPN service, you can get free access to premium VPN and lots of geo locations from the same multihoster service.

What's more is that most of these premium link generator services do not cost as much as one would assume after hearing about all the features they offer. In fact, most cost a little lower than a subscription to a single filehost. So not only do you get access to a lot of filehosts for less than the price of one, you also get a free VPN and torrent service included. That's a bargain no one would want to miss.

And if you are worried about the fact that you will have to manually generate links at these multihoster services, not to worry. Most of these include support for the popular download manager program, JDownloader. This automates your link generation and download. Essentially, all you need to do is browse the web and copy the links you want to download, provided they are hosted on filehosts supported by your chosen service. Then JDownloader will automatically detect the copied link. It will use your account to generate the link and then download it for you. If the file is split into multiple file parts, then JDownloader will also extract all those parts once they are complete.

Link generators truly are a god send in this day and age when filehosts seem to pop up left and right and it becomes increasingly impossible to keep track of which ones are the most used and which ones are worth paying a subscription for. In cases like that, it makes complete sense to simply sign up to one multihoster and let them worry about the whole headache.

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