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What is Freelancing?


Freelancing is an open profession. When buyer wants to complete their job by someone from an online marketplace, it is called freelancing. There is buyer and seller relation, buyer needs a worker and seller needs to sell his strategy and time for the client in exchange of money.

A large number of people are bachelor. They don’t have job. But they are educated. Freelancing has come to establish them and to complete their desire. One can’t gain billion by freelancing but they can get that enough capital to start up a business or they can fill their simple desire, like car, house, company. They can earn that level just in exchange of their excellence. So it’s a huge opportunity for them who has time, knowledge, strategy to do work but doesn’t have scope.

What is Marketplace?
Marketplace is a place to meet Buyer and seller. Buyer post their job here, and seller offer them to give the order. There are many kind of scope of work here, from writing to selling everything. There are a few number of Market place, like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancing dot com etc. Fiverr is of gig making and selling, Upwork is to apply to selected jobs and freelancing dot com is also like that. Client offers them their estimated Dollers to complete the work.

What is Marketing?
In the present and past, people used to do analog marketing. It needs long time, money and hard work. But, those days are old. Now people have made it easier. And it is only for digital marketing. Each company, organization is getting interest in digital marketing. They can make huge advertisement of their product at low cost now. So it is growing their business than past. For this reason, they are interested in Digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?
When we do marketing with digital process then it’s called digital marketing. Actually it is a part of online marketing. There are few class of this, as like as Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), E-mail Marketing, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing etcetera. By SEO, we can increase the chances of web crawling. We can grow our business easily. If we are looking for selling any product or growing our website, SEO is up in priority. The demand of SEO is very high now. 

SMM is also a potential space to grow our business, specially the advertisement site. And it is also be used in grow the fame of public figure.

E-mail marketing is a way to find targeted mails, so that owner can make direct advertisement to them. By e-mail marketing we can find anyone’s mail if they haven’t tough restrictions. Lead generation is also a part of that. Affiliate marketing is a viral marketing now. The system of this kind of marketing is very popular now.
Freelancing is a free job space, free workspace to remove the unemployment. I think each country should build more opportunity to get all the bachelors in this potential society.

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