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Got another young entrepreneur and blogger - Alessia La Scala

Since last London fashion week, Alessia La Scala becomes more familiar to people. People got her on the front row on that competition. Day by day This young girl is getting an icon of youth because of her passion and hard work. From each part of his background and current seasons like study, profession, way of working and expectation, she is different than other people. After careful monitoring here this article is going to feature all the interesting things about her.

Introduction about Alessia La Scala

She is a hardworking and talented lady. Her introduction always inspires people who wanted to become and an entrepreneur. Before talking about the experience of London fashion week 2019 let's discuss here.

Origin and background: From the origin, Alessia is an Italian. In regular life, she talks in the Italian language. she had her high school degree from America and Italy. She obtains the graduation is from university La Sapienza of Rome. the context of her first degree was “Linguistics and intercultural mediation”.

Professional life: currently in her professional life she is a regular blogger and entrepreneur. Several years ago she held a company “Web with Style” what was offer responsive web design all around the world. But now her company is capable to complete any graphics and web-related service.
She has a deep passion and an unstoppable mentality for working hard. As a person, she is a very promising entrepreneur and blogger from the youth generation.

Experience of London fashion week

People got this blogger and entrepreneur girl in London fashion week 2009. Few people know her by her blog where she gives an update of her fashion-related experiment and suggestion. To a certain amount of people, she is popular in fashion. On that show, she had her seat at Alexa Chung's runway. Even she seats just on the front row there. According to her experience, it was an amazing time for her when she was in the fashion show.

Even in her blog Alessia give a short review of her cloth. Of course, people were interested to get that information.

·         Blazer: She wears a black blazer where it has a sprinkling of white color. This thing she takes from Karl Lagerfeld.

·         Pants: Karl Lagerfeld is also her favorite brand which she selects for pant. The pant she was it was matte black. 

·         Bag: As it was not a show where she needs a large bag, she chooses Chanel stylish bag with her. It was black like her blazer and pant.

·         Show: to match with pant and other clothes she took a Valentino Rockstud black shoe. I had a hill that looks pretty good.

She also gets a white t-shirt inside the blazer. All around she was one of the ladies who got most of the attention. The main reason behind this is nothing without her fashion-conscious mind.
Rest of the article we love to convey thanks to her that she permits us to feature her in our blog. Hope Young boys and girls will never become frustrated after over their graduating and take initiative like Alessia to be an entrepreneur.

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